Blackford Passivhaus

Passivhaus dwelling

The project aims to create a family home for the 21st Century, forming a special environment on an unusual suburban site. The client brief is for a 4-bedroom, low maintenance, low demand dwelling and annex, orientated towards the sheltered garden area, well screened from public view and designed and constructed to the Passivhaus Plus performance class. An innovative approach to design and technology has been embraced, resulting in the creation of a modest yet compelling design that we hope will come to be seen as an asset to the very varied architecture of Blackford.

The dwelling comprises distinct formal elements, with each containing separate groups of accommodation. The form and proportions of the proposed house are designed to the opportunities and constraints of the plot and to respond as a positive feature in the unique context. The eaves and ridge heights roofs of the dwelling are designed to work with those of the lower buildings prevailing in the surrounding area as defined in landscape, visual and setting appraisals.