Braemar Certified Passivhaus

Passivhaus dwelling

South elevation from Broombank Terrace

The house was designed to and has been certified to the Passivhaus standard. It achieved a final airtightness of 0.5 ac/h.

The long, single storey linear form and proportions of the proposed house are designed to the constraints of the plot, as well as to reference the traditions of local vernacular architecture. The shorter range at the south end reflects the importance of the southern orientation of the site; its public face; the arrangement of the main internal volume and the position of the historic ancillary building or ‘wee house’. The compact form that has evolved out of these concepts is highly consistent with the Passivhaus design concept.

The taller openings along the south side of the houase are framed within the projecting gable as the principal compositional element of the house. The verticality and pairing of the openings references traditional window forms, as well as providing a scale and simplicity to enhance the public face of the house. The deep overhang also provides solar shading for the large windows and weather protection for the terrace. The house was constructed using the Beattie Passive timber frame system. The palette of new materials has been selected to be high quality, maintenance free. The principal wall finishes are silicone textured render and treated Siberian larch. The roof is finished in natural slate.

Articulation of projecting gable from south elevation

Garden side of dwelling showing rhythm of full-height and smaller windows along the east elevation, terminating at north face of shorter range with large picture window and angled roof eaves

Planning image of south elevation derived from 3D model

Passivhaus Certification plaque at entrance door