Carsluchie Croft

Low Energy House

Replacing a draughty and impractical dwelling on the site in Comers near Banchory, this open and modern dwelling has been designed and constructed to the Passivhaus standard to achieve an extremely low energy and sustainable family home. The compact 11/2 storey form reflects local vernacular architecture, with the angled bay on the south side designed as a dynamic element to contrast with the compact solid stone clad form of the majority of the house and as a means of maximising solar gain.

This alignment is picked up by the angle of the upper floor terrace and ‘cut-in’ of the roof above and the combined effect is to create a positive and negative ‘motif’ on the roofscape at the front of the dwelling. The garage and swimming pool are accommodated in a separate linear building, parallel to and physically linked to the main house by the partially covered veranda.