Forbes Road

Garden Room Extension

Enclosed behind by the tall back wall of the main house and to either side by one traditional and one modern offshoot, the garden room is cleverly shoe-horned into position, whilst retaining its own scale, form and material expression. The construction consists of two parts: a main form with hipped roof and lower flat roofed portion connecting with the offshoot to the south. The parts are clad in untreated cedar and stone cladding respectively to achieve a contrast and connection with the surrounding fabric. Windows are orientated and sized to capture near and far views into the garden, whist maintaining a high degree of privacy.

The large electric opening roof windows set into the hipped, slate clad roof provide diffuse light from different orientations. A vapour open, woodfibre based construction system has been used to the walls and roofs, in conjunction with triple glazed windows to provide a robust and ecological construction.