Greenbank Loan

Attic Conversion & Rear Extension

The semi-detached 1930's semi-detached bungalow in the popular Greenbank area of South Edinburgh has been substantially enlarged through the erection of a large single storey rear extension and the conversion of the attic space. The kitchen, dining and family space, situated on a slightly lower level below the ground floor, opens onto the large garden and is connected efficiently to the existing property beneath the half landing of the new staircase.

The converted attic accommodates two bedrooms and a bathroom, with front and rear dormers added to increase headroom and accommodate the stair well respectively. The materials and form of the extension and dormer have been selected to integrate into the existing house, although a contemporary expression has been added by the timber cladding and fenestration. Internally the new space enjoys a high vaulted ceiling centred on the fixed rooflight.