Hope Co-Housing

Co-Housing project

Our vision is to establish the first Co-Housing community in Orkney, and to do so as soon as possible. Our senior co-housing community will allow us to age actively, encouraging mental and physical well-being. The design will be eco-aware with an emphasis on sharing resources and limiting energy consumption. Our aim is to promote neighbourliness and address isolation. This in turn will reduce our demands on health and social care services. The five self-contained houses will connect to a communal area where we will have facilities for creative and recreational activities that the wider community will be invited to share. There will be a space to create a shared garden and even keep hens………

Extract from Hope Co-Housing member’s brief 2019

The project for HCL involves the creation of five private two-bedroom houses, and one shared house and social spaces. The shared house will contain a large, communal kitchen-dining room, and a self-contained flat for many different functions and activities. This will include family visitors, health workers and other community-based activities.

The proposed Co-housing’ project is a new typology of housing, which demonstrates a collaborative approach to age. This is possible by combining the principles of innovative housing design, wellbeing and healthcare principles, and technology to support active ageing. The aim being to create a new typology of senior citizen housing, in which people aspire to live, support and eliminate social isolation and fuel poverty.