Logie Coldstone Certified Passivhaus


The Certified Passivhaus is situated on a sheltered site on the edge of the small village of Logie Coldstone in Aberdeenshire. The compact form of the dwelling, large floor area and extensive south glazing meant that the dwelling has easily met the stringent requirement of the Passivhaus standard and achieved Certification from the Passivhaus Institut in April 2016. Externally traditional building forms and materials are used in conjunction with the high performance building systems and details, such as a double stud closed wall panel system and Optiwin Alphawin windows, to achieve a thoroughly robust and high quality aesthetic.

The heating and hot water is provided by the wood burning stove and solar thermal panels, both feeding into a large thermal store. The limited heating demand is provided by underfloor heating throughout the ground floor and towel rails at first floor.